Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mango Rosette

In plain and simple Language - We both love mangoes :) :) :) Simply love them! In our friends' group, we were the first one for this season to get Mango Dabba :D :D 

I feel so happy seeing this King Fruit! So thought of making this King, Queen of Roses with little art here and there! And bingo, it turned out amazing :) :) Happy Us :) :) 


1 Ripe Mango, Knife, Slicer (That's what  I was talking about )

Peel the Mango.

Cut the Mango in half from both sides and remove the big seed!  And then start slicing. It will come small chunks and then later big slice will come.


This is the main part on how to make a fold. Slices are very soft as you know, tightly fold the first step and then just go on putting the other slices on each other. Rosette will be ready! 

You can use this Rosette in any way you want. We just ate :D :D 

Happy Rosing :) :) :) 

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