Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mouth Licking Strawberry Jam

The moment I listen to the word Jam, only thing strikes to me is 'Mixed Fruit Jam' - the best ever I had!!!

Winters, Fruits, Jam - what strikes us is Strawberries available in market which are just so fresh and delicious 😋😋

And then I decided when I was Vacationing in India seeing Stuti and Garima's wonderful to make this delicious jam with combination of Ingredients. 

Lets' quickly look at Ingredients:

>> 2 cups - strawberries (semi crushed with some little chunks into it) 
>> 1 1/2 cup or little more - powdered sugar
>> 2 tbsp - lemon juice 
>> 2 tsp - Vanilla extract 


Remove the green stem and was the strawberries properly. 

Semi crushed Strawberries in the grinder.

In the wide pan, pour the crushed strawberries & sugar, lime juice and vanilla extract. Let it come to boil on higher flame. It would have a runny consistency but don't worry about it. Keep stirring continuously. 
Remove this white foam with the help of spoon or seive it.

To check - just draw blob it in between and if it is same then it's DONE! Switch off the gas. 

Once you make this, I bet you will never buy the store ones!! This is all done in less than half hour. No doubt about it :) Have fun and enjoy Jam :) It is good to preserve for around 3-5 months in refrigerator :) 

Happy Cooking :) :) 

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