Monday, January 5, 2015

Most Awaited - Black Forest Cake

My hubby got lucky enough to get his second cake for "30th Birthday" :) :)

After the hit tutti fruitty cake, we both were craving for Black Forest Cake! So thought of making this :) :)

To make the base which soft and moist - take double the quantity of this Chocolate Cake recipe -
Click here for the Recipe

Once the base is ready, let it cool down completely on the cooling rack.

Step - 1

Meanwhile, if you have the strawberry or mix fruit jam - take 1 tbsp of jam and mix it with 4 tbsp of water. It should be runny consistency. Keep it aside.

Step - 2

How to make the Whipping Cream:

  • 2 cups - Heavy Whipping cream
  • 1 tsp - Vanilla Extract
  • 2 tbsp - Sugar
Whisk the whipping cream till it forms bubbles. Add Vanilla extract and sugar to it and whisk again till it becomes thick and forms a consistency. It will be double the quantity of the cream you took.  Do not over beat otherwise it will turned into butter. Put it in freezer for 20 minutes. 

Step - 3

Cake must have cooled down by now! Now cut it into equal half with knife. Now take the Jam mix and apply on both parts of the cake. (Sorry for no picture! ) This is done to soak the cake and a get a flavor of berries into it!

Step - 4

Take out the cream from the freezer. Take spatula in hand and start applying cream on the half cake. On the icing, if you want to put some dry cherries, bread crumbs or nuts, you can put it! Now put the other half of cake on it and complete the icing on the cake.  (Again no pics) Will surely share, once I make it again. 

Step - 5

You can grate the chocolate or with the piping bag you can design according to your choice. This is What I done for my husband's 30th birthday :)

Not a good picture, but still posting it for reference :) 

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