Monday, December 8, 2014

How to make Ghee (Clarified Butter)

This is the most Important Ingredients of all that is available in Indian Kitchen! With all it's super benefits and used in various dishes - this important ingredient can be made at home! It is none other but GHEE :)

What all you need! 

  • One big size Container 
  • UnSalted Butter 
Follow these Steps:

Picture 1 - Butter I use :) 

Step 1

Take out the cubes and put it in the container. At this time, keep it on high heat! 

Step 2

Look at the butter on how it has started melting :) 

Step 3

Complete melt down of butter with the foam gathering on to it! Do not worry, this is how it should be. Now keep the medium heat and stir in between. 

Step 5 

Foam is getting gathered 

Step 6 

See the consistency and keep stirring in between. You have to play around from low to medium heat. 

Step 7

Slowly there would be total foam on the melted butter. Do not worry! 

Step 8

And then there will be little big bubbles and foam will slowly start departing! 

See all steps on how the foam is slowly and steadily getting departed and big bubbles are forming :) This entire process will take around 20-25 minutes or little more too! Keep patience :)

Step 13 

At this time, foam will be completely disappear. And then it will start forming again. The consistency of butter will be quite thin by this time. 

Step 14 

This is a very crucial time! Do not move here and there. Be with GHEE otherwise it will get burnt. 

Step 15 & 16

How you will get to know it is done! That white foam will be all around and in few minutes, you will start seeing the transparency or bottom of the container using. Turn off the GAS :) 

Now What!!! 

Take it off from the stove, and let it cool down completely! After sometime, you will see little pinkish color or brownish color. Once cooled completely, strain it in another container. Then pour it in the air tight bottle, preferable Glass or Mason Jar :) Put the cling wrap and then cover it with lid. GHEE's shelf life is very long! So do not worry :) 

Happy Baking :) 

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