Tuesday, December 2, 2014


One is Pinterest where we can find super creative stuff and play around! 
Beautiful Mermaid made with Apple, Cheese and Pink Radish :) 
I met this amazing Super Mom Bismy Kuriakose Joseph on one of the largest Food Group ( I cace across) CAL (Chef at Large) on Facebook! I was completely stunned by her creativity towards her amazing dishes for her Children and Family :) Bismy is a combination of  innovation and artistic  ideas to make her children eat happily! And that is what needed at the end of the day :) Isn't it! Then with her due permission, I thought of posting all her amazing art work she cooked till date and sharing with you all!!! 

For me 'Sharing is Caring' and 'Knowledge Shared is always Glittered' just like GOLD :) I found her a gem and very much elated to get connected to her :) :) 

Apple Says - This is my Knife :) :D

Strawberry Covered with Chocolate 

Duck Apple 

Sheep in the Rain 
Mr & Mrs. Banana Wormy :)

Strawberry Birdy Platter

Peacock Paratha 

Teddy Bear Sandwich Toast :)

Swan Paratha

Drunken Eggy Snowmen

Nine Fruit Planets

Grape and Strawberry flowers with cucumber branches :)

Cheese & Cucumber House of Grape Girl :)

Scooter Salade :)

Happy Diwali :)

Chirpy Birdy Paratha with Cheese Sun :)

Grape flowers :)

Apple McDonalds 

Those cute peacocks, squirrel look alikes buns :)

Grape & Pear Peacock :)

Birdy Paratha with their Egg Nest :) 

Fruit, Cucumber & Orange's House :) 

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Toasted Sandwiches :)

Character Pancakes :)
Focaccia bread
Sandwich Cake

Mendu Vada 

Chocolate Swirls

Chocolate Basket

Chocolate Tart Cupcake 

Patterned Omelette 

Desi Pops - Cooked Rice, Dahi and Beetroot Stirfy. Garnished with coconut flakes

Christmas Toast for kids 

Christmas Toast for kids 

Sugar Fun

Oreo Art

Fruity Santa Hats & Banana wraps with spread of Nutella Tortillas 

Bread Nest :)

What to write about more about this amazing Super Mom :) I have already stored all pictures for my future reference :) Have you!! If not, start doing it :) :) This surely gives us positive energy to love the kitchen and all rest of Ingredients :) :) Will keep updating more as and when it comes :)

Happy Interesting, Cooking & Baking :) 

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