Tuesday, November 18, 2014

100% Whole Wheat Honey Oats Bread

This was pending since long!

Oats, Honey and Whole Wheat - Just a perfect combination to have it and makes life super healthy :) After looking to many recipes, thought of mixing it all and create my own :) :) Basic Whole Wheat Bread Recipe is here

Let's quickly look at Ingredients:

  • 3 cups - Whole Wheat Flour (I used King Arthur's Whole Wheat Flour)
  • 2 1/4 tsp - Instant Yeast 
  • 4 tbsp - Rolled Oats
  • 2 tbsp - Flax Seeds (Dissolve flax ground flax seeds in 3 tbsp of water)
  • 2 tbsp - Sugar
  • 2 1/2 tbsp - Milk  Powder
  • 2 tsp - Salt
  • 1 1/4 cup - Lukewarm Milk 
  • 2 tbsp - Honey
  • 4 tbsp - Melted Butter
  1. Proof the yeast in half cup of milk adding sugar and honey into it. Keep it aside for 10 -12 minutes until it gets frothy or foams up. 
  2. Meanwhile, work on the flour mixture (Flour, Oats, Milk Powder and salt)
  3. Once the Yeast Mixture gets foams up, add it in the flour. Start Kneading the dough by adding the rest of the lukewarm milk into the dough. 
  4. At first, dough will be very sticky, add butter at this time but later it will be spring like dough! Keep kneading it for at least 15 minutes. 
  5. Cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest in a warm place for around 1 hour 30 minutes for the rise. 
  6. Once it is doubled in the size, punch it down, knead it for 2 minutes and then place it in a greased loaf pan. Sprinkle some oats and flax seeds (Optional) on the top of the bread and give a little bit of milk wash. 
  7. Cover the dough again with a damp cloth for around 45 minutes. 
2nd Rise
  • Once 10 minutes are remaining, Preheat the oven at 375 F
  • Place the loaf pan for 30 minutes. 
And Taaadaaaaa... Bread is ready :) Place it down in the cooling rack and then cut it into the pieces.

Till then,

Happy Baking :)


  1. Wow!! such an excellent recipe for a healthy bread !!! I never made bread before ...so some layman questions :) ...when you say keep it in a warm place, did you mean a preheated oven? if so, what temperature should it be preheated? And by milk wash, did u mean brushing it with milk?

    1. Thanks a lot Val for the wonderful compliments :)

      With warm temperature I meant, switching on the oven light thats' it. Do not pre heat the oven. And in case light is not there just put it inside covering it with a damp cloth.

    2. Also, with milk wash, you understood correctly! Brushing the milk :)

    3. Hi,
      I used canola oil instead of butter and the bread turned out like plastic from inside. It wasn't moist and soft. Is it because of oil only or something else. Also I didn't have milk power at home so skipped that too... :(

    4. Dear User,

      I am sorry to hear that it didn't turned as wanted! Yes, thats the reason! Also, did yeast mixture turned out frothy?? Using canola oil is not advisable next time you make you can use olive oil :) Thats okay if you didn't use milk powder. It's optional.


    5. Yes, yeast mixture came out super frothy.. Will try it with olive oil now..Thanks a ton!! :D

    6. Excellent :) Once you start kneading, then add olive oil into it. Add little by little like 1 tbsp at a time. Keep kneading for 12-15 minutes till it is soft and spring like dough :) Share the picture when you make it! Good Luck :)

  2. May i know the size of your bread pan? I'll have to modify the quantity based on difference in pan size I guess. So just confirming. Can't wait to try this!

    1. Dear User,

      Sure :) My loaf pan size is 23.5 * 13.3 * 7 cm :)

      Also, if for the trial version you want to try - take this quantity of flour from the below link of White Bread I made few weeks back -


      Let me know if you are stuck anywhere or write to me jainfoodrecipes@gmail.com

  3. Hi, This looks like a great recipe. I have a question though - instead of using King Arthur whole wheat flour, can I use our sujatha atta we get at India store?
    have you tried?


    1. Hi Manu,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by! You can use our regular aattabut then texture won't be that perfect as bread ones we want! One of my friend tried but she faced the texture problem and was too soft! So I would prefer either Maida in that case or King Arthur flour.


      Jain Tadka

  4. Any substitute for butter in this recipe? Dont want to use butter. Or maybe can I use ghee:)

  5. what is substitute of flex seed ?