Tuesday, October 28, 2014

White Bread

Why not to build our Immunity Strong :) a very simple to make and works for two versions:

1. Paav Bread
2. White Bread for Sandwiches :)

I tried this time making White Bread. Isn't that amazing !!! Got this recipe from one of my aunt and now passing it to you all :) :) 

Let's quickly look at Ingredients:

1.  2 cups - All Purpose Flour
2.  1 cup - Luke warm milk
3.  1 tsp - Salt
4.  4 tsp - Butter
5.  1 1/2 tbsp - Milk Powder
6.  2 tsp - Instant Yeast
7.  1 tbsp - Sugar
8.  Milk & Butter for brushing

Add sugar, 1/2 cup luke warm milk and yeast. Let it rest for 10 -15 minutes, let the bubble rise.  Make sure you take luke warm milk, not too cold and not too hot. 

Take All Purpose Flour, milk powder and salt. Once Yeast mixture is ready, add it into the flour mixture.  Start kneading with remaining half cup milk slowly. At first, it will be sticky and that is how it should be. 

Now add butter & knead again for around 15 minutes. Make the soft dough.

 Important is kneading the dough. Make sure you knead it VERY properly to make soft dough. 

Make a ball size dough and keep it for the rise for around 1 & half hour. Cover it with a napkin and place it in oven. Don't switch on the oven. Just keep it in dark. 

Once dough is doubled in size, take it out. Knead the dough again for couple of minutes. 

Grease the loaf pan and place the doigh inside the pan. 

Cover it with towel or napkin. Let it rise again for 1 hour. 

After the 2nd rise, preheat the oven at 375F. 

Keep the loaf pan for 20 minutes till it brown. And then see the results!!!

Bake and enjoy with your family :) Please write to me for any queries :)

So, today I tried making the Paav (bhaaji- Paav) with the same & exact recipe mentioned above. 

After the 1st rise, knead for couple of minutes. And then make it flat and give a shape of your choice. Usually, it is square shape but I tried with round ones :) 

Put it in greased pan and cover it with a food wrap or damp cloth. Let it rise for 45-50 minutes

When 20 minutes are left, preheat the oven on 390F and keep it inside for 20 minutes. And Below are the results :) :) 

Happy Baking :) 


  1. Can whole wheat flour be substituted for All purpose flour?

    1. Hi Dinny,

      thanks for stopping by:)

      Here is the link of Whole Wheat Bread - http://jaintadka.blogspot.com/2014/09/whole-wheat-bread.html?m=1

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Manali,

      Well, I am based in USA. But for India, i think i have heard blue bird or something. Just check it out.

  3. Hi, i was wondering can i bake the bread in microwave?? If so what should be the settings??

  4. Hi Chandni,

    Inreally don't habe anyidea about to it to bake in microwave. Never tried and saw any such kind of recipe for Bread in Microwave. Sorry :(

  5. Hi...
    Which yeast should I take n from whr? M also based in US
    Can I make the bread from wheat flour also?

  6. Hi Neha,

    Good to know that you are residing in same country. You can use Fleischmann Yeast. This yeast brand is excellent so far.

    For the whole Wheat, you can check the below mention recipe in the link provided. Let me know if you are stuck anywhere while making it.


  7. hi,

    i did not find milk powder anywhere.. can i just prepare this bread without using milk powder?

  8. Hi Priya,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, you can make it without milk powder too. If you can find ground flax seeds that would also make the bread very moist and soft. But it is totally optional :)


  9. Hi, I used your recipe to make bread (sans milk powder). I have a large loaf pan and hence I doubled the quantity of the ingredients. While the bread tasted very good, it crumbled in the centre when I cut it- giving me bread pieces rather than the nice looking thin slices of bread that I see in your pictures. Can you help me figure out why this happened?


    1. Hi Prachi,

      Thanks for trying out the recipe! But sorry to hear that it got crumbled from between. Now this can happen when you try cutting the bread while it was hot and not completely cool down! Also were you able to double the rest of ingredients??? Also, When did you try to take out the bread from pan!! Let me know so that we can know what went wrong exactly!


      Jain Tadka

    2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I doubled all the ingredients. I baked it before going to bed last night and left it on my cooling rack on my counter top over night. I took it out from the pan and cut it for breakfast in the morning.


    3. Hi Prachi,

      Now I think that you kept it overnight on counter top with out cutting it so because of that might have gone dry... Usually it is said that when bread becomes completely cool down cut immediately! When you make next time try this way :)


  10. Is it always necessary to bake in tin loaf pan or anh cookie pan will do..as I always try making pav and it becomes hard from top...havent found any answer to my query so far..it wld b great if you can answer..

    Can we use dry yeast instead of instant??

  11. Hi Banita,
    Thanks for stopping by!

    No, it's not necessary to bake it in loaf pan! You take the cake tin too to bake it! Loaf pan gives the shape of bread as store brought!

    For Paav or any other bread, you need to knead well! Also while baking, I think it must be overbaked! Next time try reducing the baking time.

    Yes, you can use dry Instant yeast but make sure you proof it before using it!

    Hope this helps ! Let me know if you have any other doubts!


    Jain Tadka