Friday, January 2, 2015

Chinese Jain Manchurian

Happy 2015!!!

Ever thought of this Jain Manchurian! Well, everything is possible if you want 'No Onion, No Garlic' eateries :) :) 

I will be soon to our Country 'India' and was getting cleaned up my referigerator. With having Cabbage and Carrot, thought of Manchurian Balls with gravy and this was the first on Day 1 of 2015 :) :) :) 

So, what's needed! 


1.  1/2 cup - Finely chopped cabbage
2.  1/4th cup - finely chopped carrot
3.  1/2 cup - All Purpose flour
4.  2 tbsp - powdered black pepper 
5.  1 tsp - Soy Sauce
6.  Salt and water as per the requirement


Add all Ingredients in chopped vegetables except salt and water. Now mix it well. Add salt amd water as per required.  It should not be runny and nor too dry while making balls. 

2.  Ball dough is ready and now start forming balls.

3.  You can either deep fry them at medium flame or shallow fry them ( I did) in the appe pan. 

Balls are ready. Keep them aside! 

Ingredients for Gravy:

1.  2 tbsp - oil
2.  2 dry red chillies
3.  1 tsp - soy sauce
4.  Red chilli sauce as per the taste
5.  1 1/2 tbsp - cornflour 
6.  1 cup - water
7.  Grated ginger as per the taste
8.  Salt as per the taste. 


1.  Heat oil. Add all ingredients and stir well occasionally. 

2.  Continue to stir at medium flame until the mixture is little thick. 

3.  Add balls and garnish it with parsley or cilantro :) :)

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