Monday, October 13, 2014

Spinach - Beans Quesadilla

Enough of the same category recipe! One of the dish that even husbands who are Non - Jain would love this dish :) A Mexican Dish presenting in an Indian Way :) :) This is the perfect Iron and Protein Dish with wheat flour Tortillas :)  Enjoy and have fun eating!  You can have this dish with Guacamole

Spinach - Beans Quesadilla with World's healthiest food Guacamole:) :) To add to it was Fanta and Taco Sauce :) :)  
These are Refried Beans. Made up of Rajma. Not homemade! I took approximately 1 cup of Beans and soak it in hot water for 5-10 minutes.  

Iron eater! This is spinach boiled for 2 minutes in microwave adding pinch of salt and around 3 tbsp of water to it. 

Chopped capsicum, Spinach and beans mixture. This mixture has Taco masala or if you don't have add Green Chilli Paste, Red Chilli powder, Coriander powder, Basil and Oregano leaves. 

Heat the Tava and put Tortilla Roti on it. Apply the Taco sauce on it. 

On one side of the Roti, apply the bean mixture followed by capsicum and Jalapeno.  

Lastly not to forget - bit of Cheese on it :) Looks so pretty! 

Fold it and apply some oil on both sides to it. Shallow fry till it get brown. 

Ohh la la !!! Its ready to eat. My husband's first word was - this month's best mexican dish :)

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